Medical CBD Oil

CBD Oil is an amazing medicinal aide and can help you with many different ailments, head to the shop to find out more!

Soothing relaxing relief

Vitamin CBD's oils and balms offer natural and effective relief from muscle and joint pains, and can help you quickly heal up from sports strains and injuries.

Increases Focus

Vitamin CBD's Indica Inspiration Oil is specifically formulated to help you keep focus on a creative task or improve your mood. And is derived only from Indica dominant strains.

Medical Benefits Of CBD Oil

  • CBD for Pets
    Great for young and old, helps calm puppies & improves appetite, alleviates joint and muscle pain and anxiety
  • Increases appetite
    CBD oil can help you increase your appetite when going through times of sickness and reduces nausea.
  • Fights insomnia
    If you are suffering with insomnia or just struggle to get to sleep our Sativa Sleep CBD oil will get you dreaming in no time.
  • Relieves pain
    Vitamin CBD Oils & Balms relieve muscle and joint pain, including arthritis, great for back ache and sports strains.
  • Helps Focus
    Our Indica Inspiration CBD oil is perfect for when you need to focus in on a task and remain creative.
  • Improves mood
    Vitamin CBD's range of both Sativa and Indica oils can relax and improve your general mood throughout the day.

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